Leica Disto X310           The Disto the device is designed for.


Leica Disto E7400x      The US version of the X310. The only difference is the default distance unit.


PGEB-NM053040          The non-magnetic LiPo battery recommended to be used.




DistoX2 Upgrade Videos:




Portable Chargers:


DJunkie Power Bar      Small Power Bar. Sold under various brands in local stores.


Limefuel                          Large and robust charger.






RPDA 696                       My favorite PDA. An Asus Mypal 696 repackaged into a ruggedized case by a German company.
The optional 3Ah battery lasts for several days.


HP iPAQ 114                   Cheap and small. The only drawback is the relatively short battery lifetime.

                                           There are larger batteries available:

                                           CS-HIQ100XL (2250mAh)

                                           CS-RX4000XL (2400mAh)


TDS Recon                     Robust and reliable but expensive outdoor PDAs.

Juniper Archer






PalmCase micro            The perfect case for the iPAQ 114!  Fits well with original or large batteries.


Otterbox                          Robust and perfectly waterproof. Cannot be used with the iPaq 114 and others which have the on/off switch on the side of the device. Good for older PDAs.


Aquapac                          Cheap and proven. Attaches smoothly to the screen and allows easy drawing. Good and economical solution for the iPAQ 114.


Dräcksack                      Protective covers for anything used in cave. Made by a Swiss caver from second hand materials. Special padded bags for Distos and PDAs are available.




Similar Designs:


Auriga                              Cave survey software running on Palm OS devices.


SAP                                  An electronic compass/clinometer with Laser pointer (but no Disto), LED display, USB interface, and rechargeable Li-ion battery.


CaveSniper                    An electronic compass/clinometer with Laser pointer, display, waterproof button, rechargeable Li-ion battery, and Bluetooth connection. A separate Bluetooth connected Leica Disto A6 is used to measure distance.





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