Frequently Asked Questions




Which Disto models can be used with the upgrade kit?



The kit is specifically designed for the Leica Disto X310 or Leica Disto E7400x.

It will not work with any other Disto model.




What is the accuracy and repeatability of the device?



Repeatability is about 0.2 degrees.

From the tests I made so far, accuracy is about 0.5 degrees when properly calibrated. However, I do not have a calibrated environment to do precise accuracy measurements.




What is the distance range of the device?



The range is only limited by the amount of light reflected by the target. Distances above 120m (400ft) can be reached.




I see there are 2 different Disto X310's - 80m version and 120m version.

Does the board work with both of these?



Yes, they differ in the Laser part only.




I will get an order in for the battery. Do I get the one with or without the protection circuit board?



You need the one without the circuit board.

(PGEB-NM053040, not PGEB-NM053040-PCB)




Is there a distributor for the non-magnetic LiPo battery in Europe?



There is no official distributor in Europe. The manufacturer ships internationally but shipping is expensive.

The battery cannot be shipped with the kit because of very restrictive rules for international shipping of Lithium batteries.

It is recommended to make collective orders within each country. The following sources are currently available:

Czechia: Martin Sluka

France: Laurent Blum

Norway: Norwegian Speleological Society

Asturias (Spain): Oscar Cuadrado Mendez

Austria (Salzburg): Uwe Brendel

Germany: Michael Jettmar

UK: Ben Wright

Switzerland: Beat Heeb




I carefully calibrated my DostoX2 but I do not get a delta below 0.5.

What is wrong?



In some X2 devices the acceleration sensors have a significant non-linearity. This reduces the precision of the device.

A new version of the firmware and calibration software allows to compensate this error. To use it do the following:

- If your firmware is below 2.3, use the Updater to reload it.

- Use PocketTopo Version 1.372 to do the calibration.

- During calibration activate the “NL” option in the menu to enable calculation and transfer of the non-linearity correction coefficients.

You can do this with existing calibration data; there is no need to redo the calibration measurements.

If your device is affected you will notice a significant reduction of the delta.

Do not use the “NL” option for DistoX1 devices or firmware versions below 2.3!





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