PocketTopo Version 1.372



Download version 1.372 here (or from the download page).



Supported languages:  English, German, French, Polish, and Slovenian.




New Features (V1.37)


Therion export corrected

Improved side view projection

Option to include grid in graphics export

Renumber corrected for forward & backward shots

Slovenian localization

1.371: Error in Therion export for forward & backward shots

1.371: DistoX2 support (distances > 100m)

1.372: Non-linearity calibration support (DistoX2)

1.372: Remote Laser control (DistoX2)



New Features (V1.36)


Simple loop closure added

"Connect Here" command in data context menu

New scales down to 1:10 (for Archeologists)

Polish localization

1.361: Missing Graphics dialog corrected

1.362: Zooming problem at 1:10 solved

1.363: Error in Therion Export corrected

1.363: Error in height calculation corrected



New Features (V1.35)


Improved graphics export

Additional drawing color (orange)

Display of length and depth of actual cave part

Screenshot function

Improved VGA screen support



New Features (V1.34)


Export of 3D DXF files

Support for forward and backward shots

Optional station number display in map & sketch views

Station information and navigation cycles through all ‘identical’ stations

Thick lines (Convenient on small VGA screens)

Improved window layout on Windows (including Windows 7)

VisualTopo import & export

Improved graphics export (station numbers & layer control)

Improved Toporobot export



New Features (V1.2)


Feet option (Option menu)

"Continue Here" in data context menu

Therion export (Export menu)

Support for cross section sketches (Sketch view context menus)

Statistics (cave length & depth) in map view

Station info (ID & coordinates) for tapped stations






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